Sylvia hosts several regular events in Salt Lake City, Utah.


Community Connections Networking Luncheon

The Community Connections network is a dynamic group of over 500 businesses with heart. A room full of us gather each month for lunch – to connect, to inspire, to support each other and grow our businesses with a balance of heart and practical tools.

We are a nontraditional network for extraordinary businesses. We are following our hearts and passion in our work. We are bringing consciousness to commerce.
We are choosing to take risks to follow a greater sense of calling.  We are are doing business in new ways. We are choosing to live in love and let go of fear.  We are visionaries. We are stronger when we come together and connect.

If this resonates with you, you are invited to join us! You’ll get the opportunity to introduce yourself to the whole group and share your marketing materials.

To receive invitations, just send me an email with the subject “Please send me networking luncheon invitations.”

3rd Wednesday of each month


An Afternoon in the “Greenhouse”

This bonus event for local Grow Your Business Organically members is a monthly opportunity to get extra live,  in-person support to take your learning from the home study course even deeper.

3rd Wednesdays immediately after the public networking luncheon (described above).



Deeksha Gatherings

Deeksha (or Oneness Blessing) is a very powerful transfer of energy for awakening into higher states of consciousness and over time is designed to bring about a state of Oneness.

This happens through a neuro-biological change in the brain that when complete enables the senses to be free from the interference of the mind. When the senses are unclouded, a natural clarity occurs with spontaneous feelings of joy, inner calm and connection to the Oneness in everything. You experience life as it actually is.

Deeksha is compatible with any belief system or spiritual path and is simply a gift of grace to the receiver. Sylvia made two indescribably life-changing trips to India to be initiated to transfer this phenomenon. More info here

To receive invitations, just send me an email with the subject “Please send me Deeksha invitations.”

Usually 2nd Thursday of each month

Women’s Full Moon Dance

The Women’s Full Moon Dance circle is co-created by a group of magnificent women that have been gathering for over 9 years to reconnect with body and spirit in sacred space (and then we eat!). It’s a highlight of the month for many of us, it’s always different and it’s always wonderful.

The Moon Dance is safe, sacred space for all ages–kids to crones. A place to move from the inside out. To nurture your soul. To simply be you. We dance to all kinds of music (world beat, trance, African, Celtic, Middle eastern, rock, gospel and more). If it shakes your bones, opens your heart and lifts your spirit, that’s what we do. We make noise, laugh, cry, howl, sing, sit in stillness – it’s all life and it’s all welcome.

And after a few minutes when the tension loosens, we find that life is moving us – joyfully, openly, surprisingly.  Whether you dance wildly or just sit and take it in, you are completely welcome.

To receive invitations, just send me an email with the subject “Please send me Full Moon Dance invitations.”

Saturday closest to the Full Moon



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