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The Grow Your Business Organically home study course is a comprehensive 5-month training for heart-centered entrepreneurs that dives deeply into cultivating your skills to thrive in business for a lifetime. The next session starts in March and covers every aspect of growing your business–with heart and with nature. Spring is a great time for new growth!

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Three months into this program and I am so grateful for everything you put into it. Every single part of it is very valuable. I’ve already gotten back way more than I paid for it, and we’re not even done.

All of a sudden I have a totally full practice.


I really do attribute this directly to everything we’ve done in the course. Yes, it’s on top of all the other work I’ve done. But I am so grateful for your ability to help me focus into what I really want to do, get my message clear and recognize that the more I show up with exactly what I want to be doing, the more those who are looking for that will be able to find me.

Brilliant you are for listening to your guidance. That is an inspiration all by itself. Thank you for putting such an excellent resource out there for me to find!

Kim Ross, Advanced Bodywork & Massage, Washington

This course is spot-on every step of the way. The idea of marketing used to send me running to the closet to hide. I like how you chunk it down into manageable pieces, go into depth without being frightening, and how seamlessly it progresses.

You’ve done an amazing job presenting what felt to me like an impossibly overwhelming subject, making it very doable and simple. I am finally able to relax into this necessary part of my business and bring my gift to the world.

I’ve been in your program only 4 1/2 wonderful weeks and already the tiny steps I have taken have made a big impact on acquiring customers. I feel comfortable “asking for the sale” which I have always waited for them to initiate and have two new clients in one week!
Thank you, Sylvia, for your vast knowledge, understanding, and insights in this informative, demystifying program.

Claudia Draper, Compassionate Clutter Clearing, Results that Last


I love your Grow Your Business Organically program — it’s made all the difference in the world for me!

Harmony Marie Harrison

I’m really feeling inspired again and my client base is growing all the time.

I love Sylvia’s heart centred approach to business. It’s really helped me to find the things that feel good for me, and to find my own way of telling people about my business. The format of the programme is great – I love the materials and the weekly calls give a great opportunity to practice the exercises.

– Christine Jenkins, Good Vibrations Coaching, Ireland

I feel 100% more confident having taken this step. The biggest resistance I’ve had over the past 7 yrs. has been around marketing. I’ve been terrified of it and felt completely in the dark and alone with it.
I know I wouldn’t be doing these things by myself.

I feel like I have help now, REAL help. Your course is SO helpful…I’m moving forward now.

– Marla Bosko, Rapid Eye Therapy


I have grown SO much. As my business grows, I grow right along with it.

Sue Gardner, Heart to Heart Game

I’d been stuck and this course really moved me into a place where I’m excited for the first time to do marketing. It has simplicity, clarity and depth but most of all it inspires. Instead of the dull ways I’ve seen business before, now I see it in a whole new light.

I know you to be the most high integrity, loving, fabulous person to work with, Sylvia. Your work is amazing.

– Dianasue Holland, Natural Healing Made Easy

It hasn’t even been a month since I’ve been a member and I’ve already learned SO much! I’m feeling like I’m able to open up to support. Everything is coming together.

…it’s true if I have someone I’m accountable to… it helps me finish little things that push me forward out of my comfort zone and I say “that wasn’t so bad after all.”

– Trisha Schelble

I have chosen to work with Sylvia because of the simple, yet profound phrase she uses and embodies–“heart-centered entrepreneur.”

I’ve known people who use what some may call “smart” business tactics, but they are essentially fear-based practices.

Sylvia offers a path to success based on integrity, respect, and mindfulness, along with the kind of practical business advice I need.

– Karen Salas, LMT, Co-owner, Vitalize Community Studio

I’ve been in the business world for over 30 years. I wish something like this would have been in place when I started. I could have avoided a lot of blind alleys.Sylvia’s approach to the business of growing a business is so refreshing. I particularly appreciate her insight about the cyclical nature of business that’s necessary if a business is ultimately to prosper.

Sylvia is, as they say, the real deal–and that’s why I wouldn’t hesitate for a nanosecond to recommend the Grow Your Business Organically program to others.

– Mark Holland, Cambridge Financial Center


You and your business could not be in better hands than with Sylvia. (And I say that after having worked with many exceptional providers. Sylvia stands out among them.)

She brings a unique combination of spiritual firepower with street smarts and a genuine desire to support your success.

It’s a gift for all of us that she’s making herself and her know-how available to more business owners through the GYBO starter kit. You won’t regret a single minute or dollar spent with Sylvia or her material. I haven’t!

– Jeannette Maw,

I joined the program because of Sylvia’s integrity, presence, huge heart and her desire to help entrepreneurs thrive in business. Her program is full of insight, transformation, and inspiration. She has a beautiful way of inviting a person into discovering their own organic path of marketing using a mixture of interpersonal reflection and real-time usable applications, all centered around how nature works.

It’s so different than anything I’ve experienced before. I feel empowered by what I’ve learned and have a clear sense of the direction for my business now. If you’re even slightly considering this program, I recommend you just do it! This program is awesome.

– Dan Howard, Intentional Resting

There are many programs on the market that help grow businesses, but the Grow Your Business Organically program is the fruit from the tree of love, wisdom, support and community.

Sylvia is a teacher who not only helps you to recognize what seeds to plant, she gets into the soil with you and nurtures the process of growth; of you, your business, and your community.

– Wendy Mendenhall, Tao Metaversity

Sylvia, I’m so COMPLETELY IMPRESSED with “Growing Your Business Organically”.

I want to squeeze every drop out of your classes! WOW!!! Thank you!!

– Auretha Callison, Intuition Image Coaching

Some think business models
must be adhered to mechanically

But there is a guidance more Divine
when you “Grow Your Business Organically”
With Master Gardener, Sylvia Nibley,
that is what I have learned to do
using Heart centered techniques
so my brightest light can shine through
I watch my clients double
and my income steadily increase

but the most improvement made
is with my sense of inner Peace
I can be in a state of purpose
and enjoy the pleasure of giving
while with GYOB support and wisdom

I can also earn a living!

Your Personal Poet,


Jayanne Sindt, Author,

I really love the focus on authenticity. I get to be me rather than trying to fit into some conventional model of “professionalism.”

The nature metaphor helps me to really understand, and work with, the concepts as I peer into each aspect of my business and make conscious choices.

Finally, I love the balance of rational and intuitive. This helps me connect with all levels of myself and my business for a rich, well-rounded approach to development and growth.

I recommend the program to my students and others because it’s accessible and comfortable for anyone growing a holistic business.

– Tracy Cash, Sacred Mountain Healing Center

I joined the Grow Your Business Organically program because Sylvia is a magical wood nymph turned business, and the combination is a win-win for all.

There is no given that this process solves all your business problems. That part is up to you. The important point is that it lays out a process for doing so. Follow it, and see what treasures you encounter!

You might even find yourself in it.

– Rhea Bouman


I loved the course. It gave me many new insights and great information. I wanted a certain amount of new clients and I exceeded that amount, my hours of work increased substantially, so I appreciated being able to have access to the recordings. Sylvia has a great way of teaching.

– Denise Silvernail

I’ve just completed my first year with Sylvia’s program and have loved her way of looking at business from a natural, instinctual flow of life.

This has had me actually like and understand my own business processes and actually gotten me doing them.

Sylvia is a wonderful, POWERFUL amazing web of connections. She’s learned the ropes and then dug deep into the flow of her heart and nature to find a spectacular alternative to ‘normal’ business practices.

Troy Roper,

You’ll “earn out” your investment in the first week of insight and motivation about what needs to shift to grow your business.

She helped me see not just where I was limiting my business through old patterns of thought and behavior, but helped me shift from the inside out in order to grow my business more successfully.

Sylvia is exceptionally skilled at cutting through the blocks to change.

– Independent Filmmaker, Los Angeles

Sylvia Nibley is a stunningly intuitive individual. Her work with structure and design extend far beyond what’s considered acceptable in today’s business environment.

Identified by Utah Business Magazine as one of the “Women to Watch” in business, Sylvia’s skills are dynamic and her approach to development is unsurprisingly non-traditional.

– Chuck Acklin,

I got 4 new clients in a month, exactly as intended in one of the GYBO workshops. Plus, I have learned a much more loving approach to business from her, and for that I am very grateful.

Sylvia is a master of all masters. Her creativity knows no boundaries and she is always helping people to better themselves. She is an extraordinary person.

– JoAnn Hanson,

This course is like no other business and marketing program out there. Sylvia has a unique way of helping you tap what’s most important to you and your business that is not prescriptive or textbook 1, 2, 3’s. It’s highly intuitive and an incredible resource no matter where you are in your business life cycle. I highly recommend the course and I plan on taking it again!

– Lisa Alessi, Rennaisssance Learner


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