One day to a crystal-clear plan for growing your heart-centered business this year

99medSince the creation of Inquiry Cards  (we’ve sold thousands of decks around the world), you haven’t heard much from me about my passion for teaching heart-centered business skills to entrepreneurs…but I’ve missed it! And recently it seems like every healer, coach and artist I talk with says something like “I have so much I want to create and give this year…I just need a plan.”

Yes! You do!

And I would LOVE to help.

You can have all kinds of intentions and vision boards and great ideas…

…and if you want to make consistent, meaningful, significant progress…you’ve got to have a workable plan.
Without it, you’re likely to have another “busy” year without the changes you really want.

You need a plan that will shift you into a higher gear with a higher vibe.
A plan that’s so clear and practical and compelling that you can’t wait to take action!

[content_band bg_color=”#9ac339″ border=”none”][custom_headline style=”margin: 0;” type=”center” level=”h4″ looks_like=”h4″ accent=”true”]Offered just one time this year[/custom_headline][/content_band]

My well-loved Grow Your Business Organically course will be back in a few weeks, but I want to support you now, so here’s a chance to work with me and get your breakthrough year started!

marketinggeekFor much less than the price of an hour with me, you’ll get a full day of:

My 25 years of experience as an intuitively-guided, spiritually-oriented entrepreneur and all the geeky knowledge I’ve collected.

It’s true. I never get tired of studying and practicing this stuff. I love all things business AND all things spiritual…and I love seeing people like you grow your business, change the world and thrive!

With a fun mix of

  • meditation
  • big paper and big ideas
  • markers, post-its,
  • inspired peers
  • and master facilitation

you’ll come away from the day with:

a clear plan in your heart and soul


a clear plan on paper for growing your business authentically, powerfully, and profitably in 2016.


[content_band bg_color=”#9ac339″ border=”none”][custom_headline style=”margin: 0;” type=”center” level=”h5″ looks_like=”h5″ accent=”false”]I’ve had so much fun making and working my own rockin’ plan, I just have to share.
Let’s take over the world…with love![/custom_headline][/content_band]

Live your purpose.     Serve more people.     Make more money.      Make it a breakthrough year, starting now!



Tuesday, Jan 19th
Vitalize Community Studio
2154 S Highland Dr.

REGISTRATION REQUIRED by Monday, January 18th
Call me at 801-486-8444 to get your spot! Last year this filled up fast.

Hope to see you there!

sylviasig copy

P.S. Extra bonus. If you decide to join the Grow Your Business Organically program when it opens in a few weeks
for loads of support through the whole year, I’ll credit the full amount of the workshop towards your membership.
Yes, I’m looking out for you. 😉

P.P.S. Yes, this will be videotaped and made available to you dear ones not in Salt Lake. Thanks for so many requests!